What is the Meisner Technique?



Meisner Training is an interdependent series of exercises that build upon one another. The work supports a command of dramatic text. The Meisner Technique emphasizes acting as doing. What are you doing on stage, on camera? What are you really doing?

From the website of the Neighborhood Playhouse

“We have found Meisner Technique to be one of the best ways for actors to refresh and improve their auditioning.”

Toronto Casting Directors Jenny Lewis and Sarah Kay 
at Demystifying the Audition Process ( Republic of Doyle, Seed, Little Mosque on the Prairie and many more.)


Repetition is the first building block of the Meisner Technique and this class will focus on the exercise and its rules.  The exercise aims to bring the actors to a place where they are able to express themselves freely, spontaneously and  truthfully.

This part of the technique is often referred to as musical scales for actors. Two actors are paired up and  a simple and truthful observation is made by one actor about the other. This observation is then repeated back and forth between them.  The aim  is to  focus the actor’s  attention solely onto their partner and allow them to react entirely in the moment.

As students progress we will move through the other aspects of Meisner Technique. Scene Study will be assigned at Greta’s discretion.


This book is recommended for those who are interested in reading more about the technique:

Meisner on Acting by Sanford Meisner

OnActingBook                                                                                Available Online or at the Toronto Public Library